Friday, 16 June 2017

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My background has many facets,all of which require different skill levels. I Have over 30 years in the trade and there is not much I have not done. I am not trying to impress you,only impress upon you that NO ONE,including myself knows it all.My favorite work is service.I am good at it;almost like I was born to do it.Residential electricians can hold their own.I have had many electricians over the years look down on resi guys.But I want to tell you that most commercial electricians that only do commercial work will screw up a house faster than a home owner.
Remember we all have a different skill level.Service electricians need to have a well focused mind.If your going to do two or three service calls in one day-you better know what parts and tools your going to need.The guys that go to the same job site day after day have it a little easier.If you forget a part,you can order it out for tomorrow.Most service calls do not have the luxury.They need to be on top of all that they are doing as well as the parts they need.Lets not forget about timing.That will be in a different post.

Commercial and industrial electricians are in the same boat but hang out at different ends of the boat.What I mean is commercial and industrial guys need,not only more code knowledge, but they deal with bending conduit,wire fill in conduit,much more stringent supporting methods and so Best Electrician Service in College Station on.The industrial electrician must know,motor controls,a/c & d/c voltages.Installing and connecting xfmrs, 3ph motor control centers,plcs and explosion proof applications.

I belong to about 3 or 4 forums.They all provide some valuable information.But one thing I have found is that a lot of replies to some newbie question either overload the poster with some unneeded information or won't give you the time of day.I am not knocking down the forums but I would think that if I am a commercial electrician and ask a residential question,I should get a straight forward answer to my question.Most guys don't explain themselves when asking question as it is, so they need a little help from the more experienced guys when trying to get a answer.I replied to a question about locations of out lets near bath tubs once.I simply replied asking if the code would apply to location of outlet above kitchen sinks.I then received a reply,you can hardly compare the two.What kind of answer is that?

I am just tying to convey what the title of my post implies.We all have separate skills.So help the other guy out.

Maybe this will stir the pot a little,but I wanted to let every one know,that no one knows it all!


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